Nanette Abbott

Intuitive Coach & Kinesiologist


My Offering

Create a journey of change through...


Online sessions are designed to provide you with the opportunity to create powerful breakthroughs, clearing any old blocked chi and allowing for new energy and a new trajectory.



Understanding and maintaining balance in our chakras allows us to stay healthy and align with what we really want not what our old software told us we can only have.


Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are and access a methodology which will allow you to actualise your dreams and potential into reality.

Keynote Speaking

Let me take you on a journey to assist you to regain your passion, your identity and your self-worth, so you too can be stepping into your full potential!

the infinite potential of you


Come and explore my Vibrational Sprays, purchase my book - The Infinite Potential of You and download a Gift Card for a family or friend.

Consultations - Online

As an Intuitive Coach and Educational Kinesiologist, my passion is about assisting people to gain an understanding of how their mind and body really works and how empowering this can be for them. My sessions actively work with identifying old deep seated (often subconscious) belief systems that, when released, allow you to more adequately meet your own potential. These sessions are an incredibly powerful tool for those who are genuinely interested in improving their own performance personally and professionally.

Steps of Healing



Workshops!  Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are and access a methodology which will allow you to actualise your dreams and potential into reality. These workshops create a fun learning platform to investigate how your body really works and how to utilising your vibrational skills to align yourself with your highest potential, both in an affirmation and physical context.


RETREATS!  Allow yourself time to  transform and discover your inner path.

I would love you to join us on our next Retreat

Customers Reviews

I have so much love and gratitude for the selfless and tireless energy that Nan endlessly gives to all her clients and friends. Anyone who spends time in her care can’t help but come away a more balanced and authentic version of themselves. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found Nan in this lifetime and can honestly share that I would not be the person I am proud to be today, nor living a life on my terms and evermore aligned with who I really am. My journey is far from over and I always look forward to our balances with an open anticipation.
When I first started seeing Nanette, I wanted to fix a broken heart and just ‘be happy again.’ Little did I know that Nan had other plans for me. She took me on a journey to discover my true self. The person I was put on this planet to be. She helped me uncover who I was, and helped me align my life to my highest potential. She’s my guardian angel on Earth. She keeps me grounded, aligned, on purpose and in flow. After her continuous support, I can tell you I’m living all my dreams.
Nanette has treated both my wife and myself for 7 years. We have always felt extremely comfortable in her presence due to her warm, friendly and professional nature. New Leaf Kinesiology has had a significant influence on my life from a personal and professional aspect. Nanette’s balancing techniques never cease to amaze in relation to its impact on general health and wellbeing. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend Nanette’s services, I was a sceptic once…..

How Can Intuitive Coaching Help Me?

Through realigning the mind, body and soul, many clients have experienced:-

 Increase in energy levels

 An overall feeling of wellbeing and life purpose

A clearing of anxiety, depression and negative thought patterns

Improvements to digestive problems and weight reduction

Reduced hormonal imbalances and improved fertitlity

Improved immunity


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