Available Workshops

Workshops!  Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are and access a methodology which will allow you to actualise your dreams and potential into reality. These workshops create a fun learning platform to investigate how your body really works and how to utilise your vibrational skills to align yourself with your highest potential, both in an affirmation and physical context.

Choose from a wide range of workshops.

Embracing the Inner Healer In You!

DATE: Sunday 19th April 2020
TIME: 9:30am – 2:30pm
LOCATION: 6/86 Triholm Ave, Laverton

A day to experience your own healing and transform consciously.

Embrace those deep disempowering patterns and let’s work together to learn how to bring them up to our consciousness and be empowered through learning how to shift them for yourself.  This will allow you to clear the debris, gain clarity and realign yourself with ‘what you really want’  to bring into your life, as you get to know your truest, most authentic self.

Learn how to create your own deep affirmation and then…

  • Experience tapping into your body through muscle testing,
  • Activate your own vibrational boundaries,
  • Learning about yourself through the chakras,
  • Learning how to clear, rebalance your own chakras,
  • Learn how to self test, and
  • Learn how to pull yourself out of stress amygdala mode into conscious problem solving.

All these techniques are wonderful to use for your family and friends, as well as for your own personal use.

So let’s share a lovely day of laughing, learning and healing. XX

Nanette Abbott



Owner of Personal Life Transformation


The Art of Muscle Monitoring

Workshop Dates:

Become empowered to balance your family and friends with some simple Kinesiology tools.

No prior experience is required and all learning will be experiential, interactive and fun.

Enjoy a day with like minded people in a retreat setting where you will experience….

  • Muscle testing made easy for yourself and your family
  • Buttons (meridian points) to switch on the brain
  • Brain Gym for stimulating learning
  • Clearing work and school stress (ESR & Energy clearing)
  • Sugar Imbalance corrections
  • Muscle Testing for foods investigating which ones are uniquely good or bad for you.
  • Colour / Crystal Balancing
  • Theta meditation for kids and adults.
  • Cost $200 : Confirm your booking by payment: Direct Debit or Paypal

Stress Buster Series

Ideal for Corporates and Senior Schools

Are your staff tired and stressed? Join our Stress Buster Series for increased motivation and staff morale and decreased stress and absenteeism.

Stress is created when the Amygdala (part of the emotional brain) goes into flight, fight and freeze mode! Once the brain receives this message that there is something that you need a heightened awareness for, it will release adrenalin and cortisol! This reaction burns up critical Vitamins and Minerals in our body very quickly! So when we have had prolonged periods of stress it is essential to replace the body’s Vitamins and Minerals.

Adrenal Exhaustion is becoming well known as the modern day epidemic. Some of the symptoms can be waking up tired, poor immune system, reduced memory, less ability to problem solve and maintain your previous levels of motivation. From a workplace perspective, this can reduce productivity and increase absenteeism. Contributing to those all time challenges of staff illness, low staff morale, personnel issues, all undermining company culture.

This high energy, interactive, informative one hour workshop can be presented over lunch times or an extended morning tea!
Invest in educating and empowering your staff so they can recognise and manage their own signs and symptoms of stress.

Manifestation Workshop

Workshop Dates:

Do you have a dream or idea that you would like to manifest but can’t get it off the ground?
 Do you have a vision of how your life could look like, but can’t seem to get there? If you said “Yes” to any of these questions then the answer is within your Left and Right Brain Integration

  • Do you have a dream or idea that you would like to manifest but can’t get it off the ground?
  • Do you have a vision of how your life could look like, but can’t seem to get there?
  • Do you have plenty of ideas but are constantly struggling to manifest any of them into reality?
  • Do you tend to have all the passion in the world about your ideas, jump in too quickly, and struggle through out the execution?

If you said “Yes” to any of these questions then the answer lies deep within how your Left and Right Brain works!

Often we can be a great visionary, but as we try to bring it down to the lower vibration of manifestation we may lose confidence, lose focus, create subconscious sabotages and become a little lost!

This workshop gives you an opportunity to learn how “The art of manifestation is dependant on the relationship between the integration of your Left and Right Brain”. Learn how to bring your ideas, ambitions and dreams down through to real life actualisation. This will include clarity in actions, techniques to clear vibrational blockages and an all important fool proof structure to work through after the workshop.

You will walk away with an inspiration board and an action plan aligning your intention with your energetic system.

This is a very exciting model that fills all the gaps that are often not explained in manifestation literature today!

Journey of Your Soul

Workshop Dates:

Gain an understanding of your own personal blue print so that your can gain clarity on your strengths, challenges and full potential this life time.

What you can gain from this workshop:

  • An understanding of your soul potential
  • An understand of how your genetics are separate to your soul.
  • How to harness and align those genetics to become effective tools to create your potential and happiness this life time.
  • How to bring your soul purpose into reality on a daily basis  as opposed to a one day, I might,  if only I could…kind of feeling!
  • You will experience a number of ‘light bulb’ moments that can be used even when the workshop is over and you are back in your every day life and the challenges that this can bring.
  • You will walk away with a model that can be used effectively for many years to come and help you re-centre when life blocks your path.

So if it’s the answers to the big questions you are looking for then this is the workshop for