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What do 10th Chakra Women Really Want?

A woman entering the lower echelons for the 10th chakra will often attract the security of a more grounded energy. Their strength is their intuition and their grounded partner will offer them the logic, fact and detail. While there is mutual respect and learning between the two energies this can be a very balanced supportive life together.

It is when the relationship becomes less trusting and tolerant of the different ways they see the world that trouble can be on the horizon. The more grounded one in the relationship stops wanting to learn and the 10th Chakra is no longer interested in listening. Comments from the 10th Chakra become like a broken record such as ‘They just don’t get the bigger picture’, ‘They really don’t understand me!’, ‘I can’t talk to them about this spiritual stuff’ and ‘They would just see this as mumbo jumbo’. The cracks in relationship begin to grow ….

The 10th Chakra becomes less and less tolerant of their grounded partner and more interested in those who are more open minded. The grounded partner feels more threatened by the new views and finds themselves more on the defensive, pressured to get on the journey for fear of losing their loved one.

I often try to appease my 10th Chakra clients explaining that as their 3rd eye expands it is like they are sitting in a 3D movie with their 3D glasses on allowing access to the multi dimensions of the various story lines. A more grounded partner didn’t even know they were meant to bring their 3D glasses but are still sitting in the movie hearing your many descriptions of what you see. There is a huge leap of faith required for them to believe everything you have described without seeing one special effect. Their experiences of the movie are totally different to that of the 10th. It is not possible to command someone to see 3D if they simply don’t have the equipment. In fact if they did see it and they weren’t ready, they would feel like they are going crazy, which is not so healthy.  If you are in this position just keep in mind that no ones journey can be rushed, forced and commanded, as it is all about a persons individual choice.

A 10th may stay in a relationship like this for a life time but this can create a feeling of being stuck, inhibited, and depressed. The more grounded partner becomes stale as they chose the 10th to learn and grow but they are no longer learning either. Affairs may occur, distance is created and a loneliness and tension can develop for both parties! They start to live separate lives under the same roof and in time things drift apart.

The 10th is then at a cross road. Do they do the hard yards and find their personal power, their sense of self, become self sustaining and feel the pride of being able to master all aspects of their life or do they find another grounding force that will save them from facing their own fears?

If the 10th Chakra chooses to take the journey and find their own personal power, although incredibly challenging the rewards can be enormous.  This journey would mean becoming self sustaining, clear in their way of being and have a great understanding of their own truth.  When they are actively working with their own purpose and clear in their own sense of direction they will be ready for a partner that sees the world like they do. They have left behind the need for a relationship based on security as they have mastered the upper vision of purpose and the sustainability of personal security. They are ready for a relationship of creativity, charisma and mojo. A 10th Chakra who is in this space does not suffer fools gladly, has expectations of an extraordinary life filled with purpose, success and leadership. There is no time for inhibiting, controlling, or creating insecurities. It’s a relationship based on the reverse, being the best both individuals can be with the balance of personal responsibility and shared vision. Both parties are equally aware that life is a journey and things will change, grow and develop.  It’s a relationship of support and growth amongst an energy of trust and stead fast belief!

So is it a natural path of evolution that the 10th Chakra women will progress through different relationships as their sense of self grows? Not necessarily at all, but any relationship with a 10th would have to involve growth, change and acceptance.

If you are a 10th Chakra, looking to master your life in order to attract someone on your path or improve your current relationship, try some of these actions…

  1. Take full responsibility for your spiritual and financial life.
  2. Find your purpose, and with that your sense of self and your mojo.
  3. Be clear in what you want in a relationship and stick to the vision and your gut and don’t settle for anything less than what you are deserving of.
  4. Be accepting of every part of you with an openness and eagerness to learn and improve.
  5. Give life everything you’ve got to muster, no longer being the by stander but an example and a leader in everything you do, as another 10th or 11th would only be attracted to such a quality.
  6. Make a list of the things you would find attractive in your ideal partner and become it yourself.

Good luck!