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Understanding yourself via the Higher Chakras

What vibration are you expressing, moving into or surrounded by?

If we embrace the view that we are simply a vibration, it is interesting to explore our community from this perspective. What if we are all a bit like a beautifully written piece of music, which may interchange among the various notes but is predominantly based on C Major or E Sharp depending on the writer’s creative intention? So, what if we all have a dominant chakra or frequency based on our level of awareness and our soul’s journey?

It is as if our third eye expands as we work our way up the frequencies from the 7th into the 11th and therefore, our tests become more challenging, our perspectives more forgiving and the influence more extensive. So, let me take you on a journey to explore each chakra’s vibration. Let’s see if you discover aspects of yourself and others around you.

The 11th Chakra Vibration: No Boundaries, Expansive, Infinite Opportunities

A person who is on the 11th Chakra possesses a wonderful potential to influence, manifest and inspire. They have a strong sacral and heart interchange of energy which gives them that charisma and ability to take heartfelt chances and identify and attract opportunities to themselves or others.

They can be the unsung heroes who may not be in the lime light but manifest through their partner’s or children’s aspirations.

More often than not, an 11th Chakra will have experienced many wounds in their life. From this great adversity comes a “fire in the belly”, a determination to make a difference and a depth of empathy at a community and/or global level.

When the 11th Chakra really steps into their potential, they do need to be mindful of their thoughts. If the 11th Chakra of the house doesn’t emotionally want to sell the family home – although practically they know it’s for the best –  it is highly likely that the home will struggle to sell while the manifester isn’t aligned with letting it go.

If an 11th Chakra focuses on manifesting money, they will create wealth. The soul challenge is what will they do with the financial abundance once they have created it? The soul journey is to maintain the balance between meeting their own security needs and giving back to the global community.

I believe Oprah is a wonderful example of an 11th Chakra. She had a wound and strived to heal herself and anyone else who wanted to join her on her journey. Although she has created great wealth for herself, she has given back tenfold.

However, what if I said in theory Adolf Hitler was an 11th Chakra but got it horrible wrong in his journey. He strived to a position of incredible influence and, without boundaries, created horrific atrocity with his manifestation of power.

Lets consider that maybe life is about choice. We are given an opportunity of a vibration but the test is what are we going to do with it.

So an 11th in its full potential will create a positive change to a larger mass of people by simply being a great role model and living within their truth.

The 10th Chakra Vibration: The Polarities of Yin (female) and Yang (male)

A 10th Chakra vibration will walk into a sweet store and want to try every lolly, even at the cost of an upset stomach.

It is a lifetime of searching the planet in order to experience everything. Throughout their journey, the 10thChakra will gain a significant amount of insight and will develop a high level of understanding and empathy.

It will be a life of many changes and many different paths, which will all finally lead back to the “self” and its purpose. These pathways need to involve freedom of travel and then the routine of family life, poverty and wealth, self sacrifice and self absorption.  The understanding of these polarities can lead to a greater purpose.

10th Chakras are very free-thinking and will find love as the greatest vibration of all. 10th Chakras will often be athletic, love to travel and free-thinking in terms of  their choices in life.

At some point they tend to be hit with a massive shift.  Although they were previously known as the warrior that could take on anything, they suddenly have this great need to be nurtured, settled and loved.

The partners of 10th Chakras can find themselves waking up to a different person. This is because they have moved out of their YANG (male) period into learning about their YIN (female). (or it can work the reverse) After a difficult, unsettled time they will find the beautiful synchronicity of the Yin and Yang harmony. This is preparing them for the move into the 11th Chakra.

A 10th in their full potential will find themselves in roles within the community that contribute to people or communities at large meeting their potential. They maybe Personal Trainers, Life Coachers, Humanitarian Lawyers, Charity Workers, Counsellors and/or Animal Welfare Activists. They will need something that has a heart felt purpose with a freedom to do it their way. With out this sense of purpose they can become quite lost, despondent and sometimes depressed.

The 9th Chakra Vibration: Insightful, Wise, Practical, Stable

A person on the 9th Chakra has a relatively stable life of sitting between the 8th and the 10th Chakras. They have a wonderful heart space and a grounded wisdom.  This creates an ability to play by the rules of the world with ease and to have a strong sense of self and values.

Although open to different philosophies, the 9th Chakra feels no pressure to make it a life purpose. They find it easy to get along with peers, family and friends because there is no judgment and no need to rescue or fix problems that are not of concern to their family.

They have a strong sense of family and are real home makers, which is their number one priority. So be warned; if you cross their family you will experience the wrath of the lioness. They are also very challenged if a member of the family challenges its bond.

A 9th Chakra in their full potential can be the glue that keeps a family together. They create a sanctuary that allows the rest of the family to spring board into their potential. A 9th could expand their nurturing to their students if they are a teacher or their patients if they are a nurse/carer.

The 8th Chakra Vibration: Entrepreneur/ Engineer 

The 8th Chakra is not openly spiritual but is attracted to people who are. The 8th Chakra will often marry a 10th Chakra. It can be a frustrating life for an 8th Chakra as they may have a feeling that there is something more to themselves which they can’t quite see as yet.

An 8th Chakra is starting to question the bigger picture but needs proof. As they are much more grounded than the 10th Chakra, they can contribute to the 10th Chakra’s journey. The 8th Chakra will challenge the 10th, questioning their philosophies and many ideas.

In friendship or in marriage, 8th and 10th Chakras can enjoy a very positive relationship, with a strong mutual respect for each other’s views of the world. If the respect is broken or worn down though, the 10thChakra, with their adaptive ways, will often try to become the 8th Chakra to keep the peace.

It is simply the universal law that the 10th can’t sit in this vibration forever and the 8th will need to find the 10th vibration in someone else. So, it is at this point that their relationship will either push through and regain mutual respect or they will need to go their separate ways. An 8th Chakra is commencing their journey to a greater awareness.

If an 8th Chakra really steps into their potential they could manifest unique ideas that could become essential services or products for the community at large. Their ability to have creative but practical ideas in business strategy or product development gives them that opportunity to do it differently but also meet the needs of the masses. Daniel Hess invented the vacuum cleaner in 1860. He identified a need and had the lateral thinking and capacity to invent a contraption that could be used by the masses in a practical useful way. As an 8th Chakra he used his ever growing creative thinking to change every day life for the masses in a practical useful way.

An 8th will use every spare minute of their time either inventing, tinkering with machinery, building bridges, improvising old products into new products or strategizing with in the mechanics of business ideas. Their partner may never see them on weekends because of their various tinkering passions.

The 7th Chakra: Structured, Disciplined, Practical:

This is a life time where there is a need for boundaries in order to feel safe. The 7th Chakra will often choose a career or a religion that involves clear rules and regulations.  There is a feeling of safety in the masses. The 7th Chakra struggles to understand anyone who does not live by the rules that they have chosen to live by.

The 7th Chakra may appear to be stubborn and uncompromising and either unable to see another person’s point of view or understand a way of life if it is different to their own. The 7th Chakra has a strong sense of how life “should” be lived and will be very happy to tell you about it. In fact, they will see it as their duty. In essence, they believe “rules are there for a reason”.

The 7th Chakra will often give birth to a 10th Chakra, which will be their greatest challenge.

However, it is the rules that the 7th Chakras develop that provide us with law abiding standards and stability in the community and everyday family life. Without the 7th Chakra, we wouldn’t have the structure required to keep our society safe.

Important people such as policemen, lawyers, and governments can be major 7th Chakra contributors to our society. It is when the 7th Chakra becomes overcharged, that we get the radical intolerance of minority groups which can create great disharmony and pain for other vibrations in the community.

If a 7th Chakra steps into their potential, they will create sustainable, structured community support and infrastructure.

In conclusion: Our understanding of the different vibrations of the Chakras allows us to understand the journey of those around us and most importantly the journey that is ours. We can’t run away or lower the vibration that is our natural state for long periods of time or we may find ourselves a little out of tune. So maybe we need to take full responsibility for the decisions we make while expressing our vibration.  Through this model it is simply my intention that we embrace, accept and express our vibration with pride and success.