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Nanette Abbott



Owner of Personal Life Transformation

Embracing the Inner Healer In You!​ Day Retreat.

Laverton, Vic

DATE: Coming soon
TIME: 9:30am – 2:30pm
LOCATION: 6/86 Triholm Ave, Laverton

A day to experience your own healing and transform consciously. 

Embrace those deep disempowering patterns and lets work together to learn how to bring them up to our consciousness and be empowered through learning how to shift them for yourself.  This will allow you to clear the debris, gain clarity and realign yourself with ‘what you really want’  to bring into your life, as you get to know your truest, most authentic self.

Learn how to create your own deep affirmation and then…

  • Experience tapping into your body through muscles testing,
  • Activate your own vibrational boundaries,
  • Learning about yourself through the chakras,
  • Learning how to clear, rebalance your own chakras,
  • Learn how to self test, and
  • Learn how to pull yourself out of stress amygdala mode into conscious problem solving.

All these techniques are wonderful to use for your family and friends, as well as for your own personal use.

So let’s share a lovely day of laughing, learning and healing. XX

one on one consultations


Nanette Abbott

Kinesiologist & Intutivie Coach

Fleur Dean

Retreat Director

Tharshini Nirmalarajah

Traditional Chinese Medicine, creator of Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST)

Juanita Jolly

Naturopath and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natalie Morwood

Commercial Cook

Women's Autumn Escape

Tuesday 18th – Friday 21nd May, 2021

3 Night Women’s Autumn Escape to Hepburn Springs 

Let’s escape for 3 nights from the crazy hustle and bustle of life to the relaxing, peaceful, soul rejuvenating space in Hepburn Springs. 

Spend quality time with other gorgeous women and connect with incredible practitioners. 

Retreat includes: 

  • Stunning private or twin share accommodation 
  • All meals and snacks: delicious organic vegan food 
  • Daily yoga & meditation 
  • Sound Healing 
  • Jade Guasha facials 
  • Cacao ceremonies / daily intentions 
  • Infrared sauna 
  • Optional bush walking 

Workshops include: 

  • Women’s hormonal health – how they work, effects of diet and lifestyle 
  • Ignite self-healing with a powerful new sassy attitude, whilst embracing vulnerability through identifying our core needs.
  • Sacral healing – learning how to read the body, understand it and deal with it 
  • How to use Tantra to increase relationship energy 
  • Reducing toxicity in the home using essential oils 

Optional additional costs: 

  • Massage 
  • Hepburn Springs spa 
  • Reiki / facials / Kinesiology / Vibrational Sound Healing 

To FEEL is the most beautiful, magical part of being a woman! 

But our challenge is often around knowing what are own needs are and how to voice them with mojo and charisma. 

‘TO FEEL’ is the most beautiful part of you…You are a woman, you have ups and downs, insecurities, vulnerabilities and imposter moments … and that is 100% OK.

How would it look if we could embrace, love and adore those moments and move through them by listening, clearing and learning, while feeling a sense of mojo and strength in your Sacral Chakra as we get our needs met.

Without a clear understanding of what our needs are, we can find ourselves giving so much to others becoming unfamiliar with our own path.  The stress of losing ourselves can create stories and dramas that we never signed up for. 

Gradually those stories can multiply into  physical, emotional, spiritual, life purpose cluttering, blockages. A feeling of being  stuck under our own ‘glass ceiling’ can be stifling. Our stuck energy can snowball into sub-consciously sabotaging choices. 

The Answer:

Together we will be spending a morning identifying our deep core needs .. needs we didn’t even know we had, helping us to clear our most vulnerable/needy/insecure emotions. We will learn a series of techniques to bring in and activate our powerful sassy sacral chakra and all her needs with an ease and a grace.

We will have you walking away feeling lighter, stronger and clearer about how we turn up.

Retreat Pricing

  • Twin Share room with ensuite: $1,250 each
  • Single room with ensuite: $1,450
  • Stay off site $900
  • Payment plans offered

Contact Fleur at

one on one consultations


Lisa Jolly

Retreat Director

Nanette Abbott

Kinesiologist & Intutivie Coach


Women’s Health & Wellness Retreat, NOW ONLINE

Saturday 12th - 15th September, 2021

UKI RETREAT Women’s Health & Wellness Retreat
one on one consultations


Nanette Abbott

Kinesiologist & Intutivie Coach

Find the Genie-in-your-Bottle

Nanette Abbott
ONLINE Retreat facilitator

Coming soon

IMAGINE a GENIE BOTTLE filled with your 5 deepest core “Emotional Needs”. And with these needs you can then ignite clarity upon your truest WISHES. These WISHES innately align you with your authentic amazing SELF.

If you don’t know what your deepest subconscious and conscious emotional needs are, how can your family, partners, colleagues or friends know how to meet them.

It kind of feels like this : One day they may totally get you and you feel supported, loved and in the flow. But the next day you feel no one gets you and you are totally unloved, you haven’t been heard or felt respected….they totally missed the mark.

A metaphor: It’s like when someone buys you a latte at a cafe. If you express your passion about the kind of coffee you love and are clear about how you want it (hot, skinny, lactose free), then you are an easy person to nurture. Your friends may want to surprise you, by ordering you a latte before you arrive, showing their willingness to nurture and connect with you. Because you are clear on your own needs, they can order with confidence and a sense of pleasure, they feel the intimacy of knowing you well enough to get it right.

But if you are unclear on your own needs, you might find they give you exactly what you can’t stomach and both parties walk away feeling dissatisfied.

So lets activate your own personal Genie-Bottle. And when its filled with the knowledge of your deepest most authentic conscious and subconscious FIVE EMOTIONAL NEEDS, you can then get to work on making all the right decisions in your life and create a space where your deepest wishes can come true. And this is how this happens…

Manifestation through your FIVE EMOTIONAL NEEDS.

When you become better at articulating those FIVE EMOTIONAL NEEDS, the universe gains clarity as to what you authentically want from life and you can prune your branches to align your choices with what is most important to you.  You will then organically attract the beautiful people who naturally align with you and your emotional needs.

So after our facilitated session together and you have found your deepest Five Emotional Needs, life can show up for you in a way that feels like it has your back, you are supported in all the right ways and it can give you what you need with ease.