Meditation Night

LOCATION: Mornington Vic

DATE: 7th June 2023

TIME: 7 pm – 9 pm


Each meditation night includes an area of content that we work through as a group, We identify our own personal affirmation and then enjoy a clearing meditation in relation to the affirmation. 


Community of like minded people to meditate and share with. 


Genie in the Bottle – Day Retreat 

DATE: 30th April 2023

TIME: 10 am – 4 pm

LOCATION: Mornington

INVESTMENT: $220 plus book

IMAGINE a GENIE BOTTLE filled with your 5 deepest core “Emotional Needs”. And with these needs you can then ignite clarity upon your truest WISHES. These WISHES innately align you with your authentic amazing SELF.

If you don’t know what your deepest subconscious and conscious emotional needs are, how can your family, partners, colleagues or friends know how to meet them.

It kind of feels like this : One day they may totally get you and you feel supported, loved and in the flow. But the next day you feel no one gets you and you are totally unloved, you haven’t been heard or felt respected….they totally missed the mark.

A metaphor: It’s like when someone buys you a latte at a cafe. If you express your passion about the kind of coffee you love and are clear about how you want it (hot, skinny, lactose free), then you are an easy person to nurture. Your friends may want to surprise you, by ordering you a latte before you arrive, showing their willingness to nurture and connect with you. Because you are clear on your own needs, they can order with confidence and a sense of pleasure, they feel the intimacy of knowing you well enough to get it right.

But if you are unclear on your own needs, you might find they give you exactly what you can’t stomach and both parties walk away feeling dissatisfied.

So lets activate your own personal Genie-Bottle. And when its filled with the knowledge of your deepest most authentic conscious and subconscious FIVE EMOTIONAL NEEDS, you can then get to work on making all the right decisions in your life and create a space where your deepest wishes can come true. And this is how this happens…

Manifestation through your FIVE EMOTIONAL NEEDS.

When you become better at articulating those FIVE EMOTIONAL NEEDS, the universe gains clarity as to what you authentically want from life and you can prune your branches to align your choices with what is most important to you.  You will then organically attract the beautiful people who naturally align with you and your emotional needs.

So after our facilitated session together and you have found your deepest Five Emotional Needs, life can show up for you in a way that feels like it has your back, you are supported in all the right ways and it can give you what you need with ease.



Bali Unravel your Spiral 5 Day Retreat 

Organised by Lisa Jolly – Naturopath

17th – 22nd June 2023 

Can you imagine being nurtured with self empowerment workshops, utilising energy work and kinesiology techniques, while being bathed in nutritional information and food, meditation and yoga – all while you are soaking up the healing energy of Bali! That’s our plan …so register now!!