When I was first diagnosed with cancer in March 2014, in addition to being unwell, I found that I had become disempowered. With Nanette’s healing balances and motivating guidance I feel that I am now doing what is needed to stay well and to live my life purposefully. She helped me to seek perspective and to build a lasting legacy. Nanette is highly knowledgeable, perceptive and is a key member of my healing team. She is truly gifted.
Geoff N
I walk away after a treatment with Nan with a sense of purpose & calmness (& lightness of being) that I wish would last forever.
Pharmacist & Athlete
When I first started seeing Nanette, I wanted to fix a broken heart and just ‘be happy again.’ Little did I know that Nan had other plans for me. She took me on a journey to discover my true self. The person I was put on this planet to be. She helped me uncover who I was, and helped me align my life to my highest potential. She’s my guardian angel on Earth. She keeps me grounded, aligned, on purpose and in flow. After her continuous support, I can tell you I’m living all my dreams.
Elizabeth McKenzie
Writer & Marketing Expert
Kinesiology, for me is like yoga for my soul! When I am feeling out of alignment on the inside kinesiology rebalances me and sets me up straight! I have the tendency to over think everything so Kinesiology helps me to focus on what’s important and let go of anything that isn’t serving me! I truly believe that everyone should experience the benefits of kinesiology as Nanette is like your own personal cheerleader and I always leave my sessions inspired to live life to the fullest with a clarity that always shocks me! So much so that I booked in my husband and sister in for sessions too! Thank you Nanette for sharing your gift with others- can’t wait to see you soon!
Marketing Promotions
I first came to Nan out of curiosity. Little did I expect, nor would have believed as I sat outside the clinic some ten years ago at my first session, that I would leave her care that day spiritually and emotionally cracked wide open, with an indescribable explosion of perspective and awareness, and having set out on an irreversible path of personal transformation and growth. I’ve lost count (although Nan always remembers!) the number of breakthroughs experienced, the many moments of insight, the ever-unfolding clearing or recalibrating of old traumas and limiting belief systems, or the number of times I’ve left a session with a deepened understanding of myself, those around me or of the complexity and beauty of the universe. I have so much love and gratitude for the selfless and tireless energy that Nan endlessly gives to all her clients and friends. Anyone who spends time in her care can’t help but come away a more balanced and authentic version of themselves. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found Nan in this lifetime and can honestly share that I would not be the person I am proud to be today, nor living a life on my terms and evermore aligned with who I really am. My journey is far from over and I always look forward to our balances with an open anticipation.
Ash Martin
IT Consultant
Nanette has treated both my wife and myself for 7 years. We have always felt extremely comfortable in her presence due to her warm, friendly and professional nature. New Leaf Kinesiology has had a significant influence on my life from a personal and professional aspect. Nanette’s balancing techniques never cease to amaze in relation to its impact on general health and wellbeing. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend Nanette’s services, I was a sceptic once…..
Private Business Owner
A friend of mine suggested Kinesiology to me almost five years ago now as she believed it would be ‘the missing piece of the puzzle’ to help me on my journey to having a successful pregnancy after having 5 miscarriages (4 extremely traumatic). I was in a dark place, very lost and believed that I was a failure and my body was to blame. Making the decision to have an initial consultation was the best one I ever made and I have never looked back! I have no doubt in my mind that Nanette and her methods of Kinesiology  contributed enormously to my success in achieving a healthy pregnancy and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl when all the odds were against me.  I still see Nanette when I feel the need; when life throws me challenges and I feel stressed and off-balance, afterwards I always feel lighter and calmer with a greater sense of purpose and direction. My children love Kinesiology too and it’s incredible how Nanette connects with them and gets to the root of their issues and concerns and helps in such a positive way. I really can’t recommend New Leaf Kinesiology highly enough!”
Mum & Bookeeper
I came to see Nanette about a million pesky little problems that were grating at me, but shortly after our appointment began she picked up on deeper issue, my career rut, that I had not mentioned it to her at all. I had not mentioned it as I thought it was a non-issue, I accepted my dull work situation as a step in the road towards my career, and that I had to keep my head down and bide my time for a few years doing work that was uninspiring, until I was qualified enough to do what I was really passionate about. Nanette pushed through my acceptance and shone light on so many simple and practical things I could do to bring inspiration to my work life. She helped me define and acknowledge my passions and strengths, and showed me how these strengths are going to guide me through my career. I feel privileged to have met a guide who is so uniquely intuitive, energetic, and enquiring. Any slump or rut in my future will be a breeze now with your help, Nanette xx
Tay Tay
I’ve been seeing Nan for the past 4 years now. She has become someone who I entrust with the greatest amount of support for my most valuable goals. And because of her unwavering support and successful efforts I’m now well on my way to achieving these goals. I first went to Nan for help with pain and emotional distress I carried in relation to the toxic mother/daughter relationship I experienced throughout my childhood.   I’d previously tried many different therapies/people in the hope of healing these hurts but none of them really seemed to work. I can vividly remember how I felt walking out of my first session with Nan. I felt amazing! .....I had always maintained that it can be difficult to gauge how effective an energetic healing session can be because the results are not really tangible. But I can remember thinking in that moment that’s not true. This session with Nan had just proved me wrong. The difference I felt was undeniable. Nan is a healer in the truest form. The space she creates for you in healing goes deeper that just our physical world. Her intuition is spot on. If I’m missing the point she’ll gently guide me towards what is most pressing and will use this information to heal, clear or bring forward whatever it is that’s necessary for my highest good. And the results are always noticeable. She’s truly someone who’s in your corner. What a gift. Thank you Nan. Forever grateful.
I lost my mum in July 2012, I love her dearly and she is very close to my heart.In the bid to find peace and get out of the emotional wreck I was in, I started practicing yoga and meditation which helped. A year and half ago I realised I needed some help get me out of this heartache and my daughter suggested I see Nanette. To be honest I was a bit sceptical at the beginning but after my first session I felt amazing. In the process I discovered other issues that I hadn’t dealt with as well. I have been having regular Kinesiology sessions since, and now a year and a half later I feel like a new person and haven’t felt this way since 2012. Nanette now has been the biggest influence in my life. I am an advocate for Kinesiology and pass on Nanette’s information to all my friends and work colleges to bring awareness. Thank you Nanette, I wish I had met you earlier….