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Maintaining Balance

What is Balance?

Balance is an enormous concept. Capacity to do things is ever increasing due to technology, free choices and social pressures.

Being passionate about family, friends, financial growth and your own personal development, are all included in one exciting adventure. But like all adventures a sense of personal balance is the key to achieving its full potential.

The truth is, our own personal journey will be challenged at different times and taken to new heights, so that our own evolution can be created. For personal balance to be maintained throughout this process it is just a case of being open to tweaking what works for you while experiencing personal growth.

The easiest way of working with balance is to see it as honouring your internal world and your external world:

Maintaining Internal Balance:

In a snap shot this relates to:-

  1. The fuel we put into our bodies,
  2. What makes our heart sing, and
  3. Techniques to calm our mind.

Am I supporting my vitality by putting in the right fuel for my unique body?  

Everybody has a unique genetic disposition and relationship with food. Find the balance for you, enjoying all the pleasures of your favourite foods and the art of cooking while also creating an internal dialogue with your body to know what foods support your vitality and harness your sense of motivation.

Listen to your heart.

What do you just love to do or experience. Once you have identified what this is, make sure that there is some time to exercise this daily, weekly or even monthly at a push. And be open to allowing new things to come in that make your heart sing. What might have been your passion last year may well be totally different next year, as you grow and evolve.

Calm you mind. 

We just thrive on being over-stimulated, as we love our ability to access so much information in a day. However like anything, too much of a good thing becomes an imbalance.  Mindfulness is a wonderful way to rebalance this. Me time allows for an opportunity for meditation, walking, listening to music, and simply being yourself to make way for that all important reconnection with your inner dialogue.

Maintaining External Balance: 

In a snap shot this relates to:-

  • Personal and professional boundaries,
  • Ability to say no, and
  • Having clear goals when interacting with your external world.

The modern world would love us to be ‘doing’ 24/7. And to ask how many things need to be done is the same question as ,‘How long is a piece of string?!’

So the key to managing pressures from family, work, & friends is an ability to say “no” at times. There is an ‘art’ to saying no GUILT FREE and it often comes with clarity of knowing your own professional and personal goals. True friends and ethical Companies do understand. If you can tell them your story of how you got to the point where you are now and where you would like to go, not only will they understand your reasoning they may well open new doors, references and contacts to enable you to meet your potential with ease and balance.

So enjoy the journey of finding out what keeps you in balance today, while being open to what keeps you in balance tomorrow.


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