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For The Over Achieving Manifested!

“I made a wish..what do you do when it comes true?”

Many of my clients go through three phases when they come to see me. The first phase is to clear their old software that has been stopping them from being their potential. The second phase is to start dreaming again and actively moving towards their aspirations. The third phase is when that potential arrives at their door via opportunities flowing their way. For the over achieving manifester this can happen faster than they had expected!  So this for those who have gracefully created their aspirations and are now hanging on for the ride.

The vision has been created but now how do you keep up with your creation. You started on the right track, but with all your enthusiasm you seem to have created a runaway train filled with crazy schedules, agendas, objectives, passions and dreams, possibly not even your own anymore?

I know when I am getting to this point, and that’s when the guinea pigs are squealing, the washing is on the line three days longer than it needed to be and the fridge, although filled with food, has obviously expired!

Sometimes with great success comes great responsibility, with great responsibility comes great financial stress, and with great financial success comes mortgages, family pressures, overheads, staff wages and an overwhelming need to keep delivering!

It’s at this point you might realize you are up to your neck in something that you didn’t voluntarily sign up for. Too much time away from family, friends, personal passions and the basic necessities of good food, rest and recuperation can start to take its toll. Your “Mojo” takes a hit, along with your immunity, your sense of self and possibly your sense of humour!

So how do you slow the express train in order to re-centre yourself after you have been busy manifesting?

  • Take back personal responsibility for your schedule:  Once you feel back in control of your time, you can start allocating me time. Me time will allow you to re-centre yourself and reconnect with your intuition that keeps you safe. This little voice can tell you how you are really feeling and what direction is right for you and your business. It can also tell you who are your key players that are genuinely on the same page as you and have clear mutual intentions. Without this me time, you could be making decisions on the run by shooting from the hip, and the cost is chartering a course for your business without foreseeing the storm on the horizon or renegades hidden amongst your team.
  • Meditate: Imagine yourself as a hawk flying above, giving you a birds eye view of how your business looks, how you are operating in it and most importantly the dangers of where you could end up if the runaway train doesn’t slow down and regain its control of speed and direction.
  • Start re-manifesting and get creative again: It maybe time to update the visionary board, using the original vision as a spring board into taking it to another level. This may involve reshaping your business model, redefining the type of personnel you want to attract and simplifying the dream to ensure balance and harmony is maintained.

Regaining your center will simply clear your mind of the chatter that accumulates from dealing with many people all at the one time, regain clarity as to what  track your soul really wants/needs to experience and therefore reclaiming that mind, body and soul collective harmony.

Is Passion Always Good For Your Success?

How do we align ourselves with healthy passion…

  • The Mind: Our mind will work from a platform of how to create success to survive. It can place us in a space of obsessive thinking, not feeling safe until that “mirage of success” arrives. This can be a stressful passion creating too much adrenalin & cortisol, putting us into a state of Fight, Flight or Freeze.
  • The Body: Our genetics will want to stick with what comes easily and what it has learnt through its expression of its DNA. This can be a passion through obligation and is based on the Ancestry Memory whether it be good or bad. This can work very heavily along side the mind to create a sticky stressful equation.
  • The Soul: By aligning our passion with what makes our heart sing, we are listening to what our soul truly desires.  This creates healthy, balanced chi and a sense of bliss when everything is synchronised.  No challenge is too great as it’s all an expression of the self and its passion for adventure. The body and the mind, with all that it has learnt steps into line, creating a deep sense of purpose.

So the Art of Creating a Healthy Passion is to find what gives you a sense of adventure, mojo, harmony and happiness, then create your own success upon its foundation.

Nan Abbott   XX

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