As an Intuitive Coach and Educational Kinesiologist, my passion is about assisting people to gain an understanding of how their mind and body really works and how empowering this can be for them. Online and One-on-One sessions actively work with identifying old deep seated (often subconscious) belief systems that, when released, allow you to more adequately meet your own potential. This is incredibly powerful for those who are genuinely interested in improving their own performance in work, in health, and in life.

one on one consultations

Initial Consultation:
1 – 1.5 hours

We will set aside the first half hour for getting a better understanding of your history and the areas in which you want to work. Then I will share with you my knowledge and experience of how Kinesiology works in partnership with your body to identify what you require.   And finally we will undertake the rebalancing process to start undoing those old patterns and open up new experiences and beginnings

Follow up Consultations:
1.5 hours

You can expect follow up sessions bi weekly or monthly depending on your unique requirements. The initial part of each session will be reporting in and making a note of any changes. 

Then the commencement of the next level of balance is required. With each balance you will come away with an  understanding of yourself, how you got to where you are now and how you can increasingly align with where you want to be. 

The follow up sessions can involve body organ vibrational assessments, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Leap Brain Work, Chakra rebalancing and deep conscious and subconscious emotional clearing.


So at this point in our journey together, I will be using a wider variety of techniques to help you take the next big step  towards maximising your full potential at a personal and professional level.

 There will be a re-evaluation of where you are at and then the session will become tailored to moving you towards your passion or purpose, aligning you to your full potential and taking your life to the next level.  

An energy realignment,  rebalance will be performed in relation to manifesting your biggest dreams, affirmations and goals


Steps of Healing

We identify your patterns within your story.

We tailor a specific affirmation for you.


 ‘I attract abundance into my life”

We utilise your timeline to identify when the problem started.

It could be a result of:-
A) Current timeline,
B) DNA lineage, or
C) Soul Journey. 

We clear identified emotions in relation to the problem.

As awareness is brought up to the conscious brain
 this will empower you to be part of your own clearing process.

A variety of techniques are used to rebalance.

Including subtle bodies of the Auric Fields, Chakras and the Meridian Systems of the Body. 

one on one consultations

Working with you intuitively on-line we will hold a safe space to identify conscious and subconscious blocks that are preventing you from who you want to be. You will have the freedom to sit in the emotion of it, recognise it and understand it, before we get to work on healing it.


located All Sessions are Via Zoom

Mob. 0437 205 907

24 Hour Cancellation Fee Applies 


1. Book in through BOOK ME 2. A confirmation email will be sent with address and payment details.
3. Please pay before the session.
4. Comfortable space without interruption is ideal.

Nanette Abbott Hours


$240 including GST (Session takes 1.5 hours)


$140 including GST (30 – 45 mins) Children 0-14yrs


$200 / day


$60 /session