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Chakra Health Check

Questionnaire to discover how balanced your chakras are:
At the end of each chakra add up your score:
22 – 28 = strong chakra   :  13 – 22 = improvement possible :  6 – 12 = needs some rebalancing : 


Never   1          2         3         4  Always

Poor      1         2         3         4   Excellent


Look at overall distribution of the totals: 

Upper Chakra blocked or Lower Chakras blocked or Middle area blocked? 

Root Chakra: The power of belonging: 

Development Phase: Womb – 12 months


Earth, Roots, Survival, Grounding, Matter, Beginning, Body

How often do you exercise in a way that allows you to connect with nature?

How would you rate your level of health?

How would you rate your relationship with money?

How is your relationship with the work that you do (be it corporate or home duties) ?

Do you consider yourself well grounded?

How do you feel about your body?

Do you give yourself full permission to live an abundant life?




Sacral Chakra: The power of relationships: 

Development Phase 6-24 months

Water, Emotions, Sexuality, Pleasure, Change, Polarities, Creativity Movement, Nurturance, Clairsentience

How would you rate your ability to feel emotions?

How would you rate your ability to adapt and go with the flow?

How much time do you create for simple pleasures in your life?

How would you rate your physical flexibility in your hips?

How would you rate your emotional flexibility?

Do you enjoy meeting new people?

How would you rate your feelings towards your sexuality and your comfort in expressing yourself sexually?



Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal Power

Development Phase : 18mths -3.5 years

Fire, Power, Will, Autonomy, Energy, Metabolism, Technology, Transformation, Self Esteem,

How would you rate your general energy levels?

How would you rate your metabolism/digestion?

Do you accomplish what you set out to do?

Do you feel confident in yourself?

Do you feel comfortable being unique?

Are you reliable?

How well do you digest information?



Heart Chakra: Emotional Power 

Development Phase 3.5 years – 7 years

Air, Love, Relationships, Breath, Balance, Affinity, Unity, Healing

Do you have successful long-term relationships?

Are you able to receive love?

Do you feel connected with the world around you?

How does your heart feel when you tap into it! Heavy (Poor) or Light (Excellent)?

Do you feel a deep level of compassion for others?

Are you able to forgive past hurts from others?

Do you fall in love with ease to people, animals, ideas and life in general?


Throat Chakra: The power of choice 

Development Phase : 7-12 years

Sound, Communication, Creativity, Vibration, Mantras, Telepathy 

Do you speak your truth to yourself?

Are you able to express your ideas to others so that they are able to understand them?

Are you able to listen and understand others with ease?

Do you speak the truth faithfully, speaking up when you need to?

Do you love to sing even if you cant?

Do you have a resonant voice?

Do you send out good vibrations through your tone/pitch when speaking?



Third Eye: The power of the mind

Development Phase : Puberty

Light, Intuition, Seeing, Colour, Visualisation, Imagination, Vision, Intuition, Clairvoyance,

Do you notice visual details in your surroundings?

Do you have vivid dreams and remember them?

Do you sometimes know when something is going to happening before it actually does?

Are you able to imagine new possibilities as solutions to problems?

Are you able to see the bigger picture/patterns in life?

How would you rate your ability to visualise?

Do you have a personal vision that guides you in life?


Crown Chakra: Our connection to our Higher Self 

Develops through-out life:

Thoughts, Awareness, Consciousness, Divine Wisdom, Intelligence, Information, Knowing, Understanding, Learning, Meditation, Transcendance:

Do you meditate regularly?

Do you feel supported by higher guidance?

Do you have faith that the patterns of life are where they need to be without judgement?

Do you enjoy reading and taking in new information?

Do you learn quickly and easily?

Do you feel your life has significance?

Are you open to new ways of thinking?


References and extra reading:

Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith : Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

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