Information about chakras

The Power of Ancestry Memory

Fiona’s personality before Chronic Fatigue was a high achiever, brilliant at school, gymnastics, and making friends. Able to do well at anything she turned her hand to. She was also very sensitive to feeling environments, people and energy.

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The Lesson of the Melatonin

The teachings of the incredible little hormone called Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in the centre of the brain! It is famous for helping us fall asleep and maintaining our circadian rhythms. It’s that happy drug that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful just before you are about to fall asleep!

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Maintaining Balance

What is Balance? Balance is an enormous concept. Capacity to do things is ever increasing due to technology, free choices and social pressures. Being passionate about family, friends, financial growth and your own personal development, are all included in one exciting adventure. But like all adventures a sense of personal balance is the key to achieving its full potential.

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What do 10th Chakra Women Really Want?

A woman entering the lower echelons for the 10th chakra will often attract the security of a more grounded energy. Their strength is their intuition and their grounded partner will offer them the logic, fact and detail. While there is mutual respect and learning between the two energies this can be a very balanced supportive life together.

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The Story Behind The Chakra Clearing Album

Chakra Clearing The creation of this Guided Meditation Album was derived by the wonderful journey that Kinesiology has taken me on. Kinesiology is the “Art of Exploration” to identify old patterns of behaviour, then working through a process to investigate where the patterns were originally created. A bit like venturing down the rabbit hole and free falling to see where its going to take us.

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