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Can Depression Be Spiritual Growth

Is depression an opportunity for spiritual growth or a chemical imbalance?

In my clinic I am seeing a rapid increase in depression and adrenal exhaustion. A large percentage of my clients are in fact expressing their essence/soul in crisis. The symptoms of adrenal exhaustion and depression I believe can be a direct link to an imbalance between the Mind, Body and Soul!

As our grey matter is growing, as is our intelligence, and therefore our capacity to access, learn and retain information. Lets call it our software our Mind. These days we are so caught up in our software, including all its complicated should’s and shouldn’t, that our hardware, our Body with its ability to produce adrenalin and cortisol, is on overcharge daily. We are so caught up in this software & hardware interchange that we have totally forgotten about the third side of the triangle, the Soul!

So are we teaching ourselves and our kids to listen to our inner voice OR are we teaching ourselves and our kids to only listen to the software that then drives the hardware to keep pushing regardless? Most of my clients really find it hard to hear their own dialogue amongst the white noise of what has been drilled into their software and mind…. what success should look like, what a good mother should be doing, how a child needs to behave, and then of course for our teenagers, how their peers expects them to “be” in order to fit in.

The hard part of this equation comes, as with the depression, when there is no software to draw from.  This occurs when life sends us an unexpected curve ball, or an unconsidered fork in the road or even a tough career decision that will require pure clarity.

What do we do when there is no software to be drawn from and we can’t revert back to our old pattern of listening to the chatter of all those around us and reacting according to this software! Unfortunately filled with self doubt we start asking for every body’s opinion, with the hope of filling the void! So how do you think our soul is feeling now? Possibly a little drained, abandoned, not heard, frustrated and then the big one..totally and utterly lost!

As a society do we honour, celebrate and listen to the changes the soul needs to experience every seven years regardless of what programming has been created?  As a Western Society do we honour and respect the milestones that village life has always done…Birth, Puberty, Motherhood, Fatherhood, and the inevitable Midlife Crisis. Quite the opposite, the should’s and shouldn’t just get louder and guess what the depression becomes stronger! Our soul is always trying to engage, guide and develop us! Our journey could be so much easier if we were given permission to honour that little voice inside and accept that life is really a journey for the soul!

The answer is simple, to ensure you stay on track with where your soul is taking you, sit quietly, light a candle, give yourself the gift of 5 minutes uninterrupted down time! Focus simply on your breathing, and then when you feel yourself getting centred, ask yourself a question and get use to simply listening to the answer! Let it go and get on with your day! Next day do it again, and the next and the next! With time u will notice that the answer will come more from your centre than your head as you keep practicing the art of listening to your inner voice! This way you will be less likely to wake up and find yourself lost and totally off path and then having to commence the long journey back to who you are! Enjoy, Love Love Love!

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