While working with my clients, I use a combination of  NLP, kinesiology, reiki, business acumen and intuitive coaching to facilitate and activate my clients understanding of themselves and their potential. 

Although I have challenged myself in the academic arena by harnessing my left brain, my real passion has been to fine-tune my  intuitive gifts and all the magic that comes with the right brain. 

By integrating the two through my role as a practitioner, my sessions are both expansive and practical, working with the sweet spot of brian integration.


  • Certified in NLP and Hypnotherapy 
  • Diploma in Kinesiology 
  • Bachelor of Business (HRM)
  • Healing & Kinesiology – 16 yrs
  • Wellness Business 13 Clinics – 7 yrs 
  • Corporate Team Building – 3 yrs
  • Corporate HR Exe Recruitment – 10 yrs

As a  “Sensitive” I feel things intuitively both physically and emotionally at a volume that can support people to work though and break through barriers to their own personal potential.  

I have now developed this into a skill and combined it with my 20 years of experience in the Healing and Kinesiology arena and 10 years of experience in HR (Business) to identify, share and clear old belief systems that have created imbalances (like little mini vortexes) within people’s energetic body. 

These imbalances can be formed through old conscious and subconscious software that create and re-create the same pattern of behaviour, events, over and over, leaving people feeling stuck and frustrated. These patterns can make you feel like you are aiming your sails in a particular direction but find yourself drifting off course, taking the long route home or even finding yourself someplace else.

So Im excited to get to work in assisting you to regain your passion, vitality, your identity and your self-worth, so you too can step into your full potential! Nx

Nanette Abbott kinesiology mornington peninsular


So to recap my passion is about assisting people to gain an understanding of how their mind and body really works and how empowering this can be for them. I use a variety of different techniques to achieve this including:-

ONLINE: Coaching, Channeling, Chakra Clearing and Reiki Healing of the subtle energies. 

1:1: Kinesiology Muscle Testing, 5 Element Balancing, LEAP Brain Integration (sabotage patterns), Theta Healing (clearing old software), Vibrational Sprays (auric, olfactory/amygdala) and Meridians (14 Majors).  


How can I help you?


Customers Reviews

When I was first diagnosed with cancer in March 2014, in addition to being unwell, I found that I had become disempowered. With Nanette’s healing balances and motivating guidance I feel that I am now doing what is needed to stay well and to live my life purposefully. She helped me to seek perspective and to build a lasting legacy. Nanette is highly knowledgeable, perceptive and is a key member of my healing team. She is truly gifted.
Geoff N
JAN 2016
When I first started seeing Nanette, I wanted to fix a broken heart and just ‘be happy again.’ Little did I know that Nan had other plans for me. She took me on a journey to discover my true self. The person I was put on this planet to be. She helped me uncover who I was, and helped me align my life to my highest potential. She’s my guardian angel on Earth. She keeps me grounded, aligned, on purpose and in flow. After her continuous support, I can tell you I’m living all my dreams.
Elizabeth McKenzie
Writer & Marketing Expert
Nanette has treated both my wife and myself for 7 years. We have always felt extremely comfortable in her presence due to her warm, friendly and professional nature. New Leaf Kinesiology has had a significant influence on my life from a personal and professional aspect. Nanette’s balancing techniques never cease to amaze in relation to its impact on general health and wellbeing. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend Nanette’s services, I was a sceptic once…..
Private Business Owner,